Diet For Fast Muscle Growth And Recovery

We all know how important omega-3 essential fats are for our general health and for improving the muscle growth. These are “details” you probably don’t know but are important for you if you want maximize your muscle building and weight loss results. This is really important for as all to know about.

You see, not all omega-3 essential fats will help you build muscle mass. Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) is the omega-3 fat that is proved by research to promote muscle anabolism (growth) via at least three important pathways.

1). Muscle breakdown is strongly reduced by EPA. Do you know how EPA blocks muscle breakdown? Lets take simple explanation here. EPA reduces the activity of the major pathway which is causing destruction of the muscle proteins and therefore it results in loss of muscle mass. Proper supplementation with EPA helps prevent excessive muscle protein breakdown during heavy training programs.

2). EPA is particularly effective in reducing excess inflammation within muscle and connective tissue. Although inflammation is an essential part of immune system activation, to intense inflammation produced by intense exercise can result in slow recovery, chronic joint pain and muscle tissue loss. Reducing excess inflammation within muscle and connective tissue empowers you with best response to resistance training in terms of recovery from exercise. Now there is one more thing to explain about EPA. Do you ever heard about prostaglandins? No? Off course, most of us never care about such terms. In same time we are all the time influenced from those “prostag..whatever”.

In case you wonder, prostaglandins are short lived muscle growth factors which work hard in our bodies with aim to reduce muscle inflammations. Therefore they are very important for all athletes, especially for us who desire fast lean muscle mass building and fat loss. EPA is essential to the manufacture of an entire series of them! This is why we need to find rich source of EPA in the diet. This will reduce inflammation processes and provide us with faster recovery and a greater anabolic effect from training.  If you have any type of concerns regarding where and the best ways to use CITRAL, you can call us at our page.

3). Last but not less important is EPA’s ability to boost the insulin levels. So it is not only because of previously explained characteristics but EPA helps to build a bigger, leaner physique by promoting insulin sensitivity in muscle. I’m sure you are aware the Insulin is a key transporter of nutrients into cells. Efficient insulin metabolism is the cornerstone of building a lean, healthy, physique. High dose EPA promotes an insulin-sensitizing effect in tissue, even in healthy people that do not have diabetes. Very good muscle building exercises are needed in order to assure fast advancement. Perfectly balanced meal plans which contain all we need to is the answer you would like to consider. If you have good diet you won’t need to spend fortune on supplements. EPA rich diet means you will have more calories directed towards lean tissue for recovery and growth while less calories are stored as body fat.

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