Adventure Vacations – Live While You’re on Vacation

What does vacation mean to you? Lounging, doing nothing, frittering away your time on a cell phone or computer? You can do that at work! Vacation is for doing; it is a chance for us to put some adventure into our lives, to burn pictures into our memories, and to do something so far outside our regular lives that we have an entirely new perspective when we get home. Adventure vacations are for those who don’t want to take a break from life but want to experience it.

Adventure means different things to different people; for some, simply getting on a plane and flying somewhere new is adventurous. The first step to a perfect adventure vacation is to find out what adventure means to you and how you find it. For instance, there are “soft adventure” vacations, such as walking tours of Europe, cruises through Alaska’s astounding scenery, or staying at a guest ranch. These offer the thrill of something new, a bit of physical activity, and a lot of fun – but you do not have to do anything extreme, like plunge from cliffs or chase wildlife.

If that’s more your style, however, you can certainly find more hardcore adventure destinations. Rwanda is becoming a premiere destination for adventure travelers. A few years ago, just stepping foot in the country would have been “adventure” enough for anyone, but today you can visit the gorgeous Volcanoes National Park to enjoy a luxury lodge experience in the midst of incredible beauty. And the best part: guests of the exclusive Governor’s Camp on the border of the park can spend an hour with giant apes that have become quite an attraction for Rwanda. These giants are even more impressive up close, and you will be very close up! If you have any questions concerning in which and how to use travel to do list, you can speak to us at our own web site.

If gorillas aren’t your cup of tea, why not explore a newly discovered penguin breeding colony in Antarctica. Cruise through icy waters dotted with icebergs, spotting whales and albatross on your way to seeing penguin chicks huddling around their parents. It is a sight like no other, and you will certainly be the first among your friends to step onto the Antarctic landmass.

Croatia and Montenegro are two more hidden gems; conflict has given way to amazing travel opportunities as you can lounge on pristine beaches, hike through dense forests and up rugged granite peaks, and go rafting through some of the most beautiful and untouched land in the world. And prices tend to be a bit less than in neighboring countries as Croatia and Montenegro seek to draw visitors. Hurry before the crowds start arriving!

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