The best laminate of 2018

In 2017,the entire industry of the floor industry was a bit feverish. This happened because there appeareda completely new and innovative type of flooring-a new generation of laminate, which got the name of SPClaminate. A fundamentally new approach was that when using the multilayer principle of board construction, the base composition was completely changed. If thetraditional laminate was made of HDF wood chips, the SPC uses a calcium-polymer composite based on natural ingredients.


Theinnovator in the production was the famous Chinese plant – StoneFloor, which for over 15 years occupies aleading position in the world market. Cooperating with almost all countries of the world, its products under different brands gained wide fame and recognition for premium quality and innovations.

Unique properties of SPC laminate

Due to thefact that the basis of the laminate has become almost stone, and other layers of polymers, this coating has the properties of ceramic tiles in density, 100% water resistance, but also retained all the advantages of the classic laminate. These floors completely look like natural wood by design, have a 4-sided chamfer, are shock-resistant and very durable. Due to itsgeometric stability, such flooring can be laid absolutely in all areas of your apartment, including bathrooms and toilets. Moreover, since SPC laminate is not afraid of any temperature changes, it can be laid without any threshold joints on the area up to 600 m2, which makes it indispensable in the commercial area of use. This property has already been used by many shops, offices and fitness centers.

Mostprofessionals in the field of floor coverings say that it is for the SPC the greatest future in development. Gradually, the share of all other coatings, such as parquet, solid and laminate, will decrease, and the share of SPC – to grow from year to year.

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