Things to Check BEFORE Buying a Used Big Rig

These days, a new rig is out of the ball park for price for some owner operators, so used equipment may be the answer.

If for whatever reason you feel compelled to buy used, make sure that it has been well maintained and has the engine and drive line specs suitable for you needs.

Be sure the rig is suited to the type of work you’ll be doing with it. Proper specs are SO important. Don’t buy it just because it’s a deal….. an under powered rig for hauling heavy loads will be a COSTLY MISTAKE.

Buying a Used Big Rig: What To Look For

Know the engine history and look at a list of its scheduled maintenance.
Over 700,000 miles turned? Be prepared for an engine rebuild soon. Most decent engines will go to a million miles, if they are treated right, but there’s no predicting when an engine will require an overhaul.
Some buyers will rebuild right away when they buy a used semi, knowing then they have a reliable rig to roll with.

*Ask for copies of the maintenance records
*How often was the oil changed?
*Who maintained the truck mechanically?
*What hasn’t yet been replaced, that is due for replacing in the near future, such as transmission, rear ends
*Measure the tire tread depth. Do the tires have a reasonable life left in them?
*Have oil samples from the engine, transmission and rear ends been analyzed?
*Check the suspension, wiring, rear ends, complete drive train, transmission
*What types of problems did engines of this type typically suffer from and when? Check the history of the specific engine.

By obtaining a complete picture of the health of the truck, the buyer can also budget for repairs and upgrades. The costs of the repairs should be factored into the total cost for the buyer….. is it truck still a good deal, with the extra cost of repairs needed?

Buy From a Reputable Truck Dealer

Unless you know the original owner and the maintenance history, I recommend dealing with a reputable used semi-truck dealer, rather than a private individual.

This is particular importance for 3 reasons:

Various forms of financing are usually available (The buyer can retain some of his cash)
There’s a better chance of recourse if the deal goes sour (Most dealers don’t want a reputation of being slimy)
The dealership will most likely offer a short warranty, should something break shortly after purchase.

Personally, I would prefer dealing with factory dealers, rather than large volume used truck sales companies. The size of the dealership/seller is not a guarantee of quality or service.

I once sold a trailer to Arrow Truck Sales, reputably the largest used truck dealership in North America. When I asked for a certified cheque for payment of the trailer, they scoffed at me and told me their reputation was beyond repute. So, reluctantly, I accepted a uncertified cheque from them. Sure enough, the cheque bounced.

Yes, they rectified the situation a week later, but only after a great deal of stress, inconvenience and costs. They also refused to reimburse me for any of the bank charges and costs I incurred as a result of the bad cheque.

Lesson learned: ‘Don’t trust anyone any more than you have to. The size of the company is not an indication of quality when it comes to used truck sales companies.’If you liked this short article and you would like to obtain a lot more facts with regards to Semi Truck Trailers For Sale kindly stop by our web site.

For the most part, although there are exceptions, the dealership want just wants your money and they want you gone. Repeat business didn’t seem to be a consideration for some…. in my experience, that was the case with Arrow Truck Sales.

Buyer Beware When Buying a Used Big Rig

When it comes right down to the crunch, the bottom line is, buyer beware. It’s up to you to do the homework. Do your research before you buy. You will be the one stuck with the consequences of a bad purchase.

It never ceases to amaze me, how many people will buy a big rig, new or used, simply because they like the colour. The colour will have little bearing on it’s revenue potential, although perhaps a bit of influence on the resale.

Take the time to do the necessary investigating to be certain you’re buying a used big rig that will do what you THINK it will.

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